Hang Him -- Part 4

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Hang Him -- Part 4

Madeira Desouza
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Extremely graphic 3D digital art by Desouza of Vegas depicting men's hangings. Based on the true story of a professional football player who killed himself after failing to hide that he preferred having sex with men--not women.

This extended 30-page eBook (pdf) is the fourth in our series exploring the theme of ending men's lives using ropes around their necks. If you have parts 1 through 3 of our series, you will definitely want to get part 4 today. For adventurous and curious adults only.

This is no longer available for purchase as an individual title. But you can get all the products in the hanging men series in a combination package:


Also you can download this pdf for free along with unlimited access to all pdfs in this collection when you subscribe to the Desouza Vault Membership.

This product is not currently for sale.

Extended pages (30 instead of 20) add up to much more enjoyment for you!

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30 pages
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