Baja Clavius: Illustrated Tales Volume One

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Baja Clavius: Illustrated Tales Volume One

Madeira Desouza
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This is controversial science fiction storytelling unlike what you have encountered elsewhere. A couple of hundred years in the future, muscular and masculine gay male time-travel agents work for a top-secret agency codenamed MMDI situated in a deep underground base beneath the lunar crater Clavius.

This is volume one in on ongoing series of illustrated tales. You get controversial sci-fi storytelling with illustrations in a pdf for adventurous and curious adults only. Not available for individual purchase. But you can download this pdf for free along with unlimited access to all pdfs in this collection when you subscribe to the Desouza Vault Membership.


If compared to today's behavioral norms, these young men appear to be devious and deceitful. They work on missions to the past that force changes upon Earth history. Their actions may be immoral and sometimes violent, but the ambitious purpose of MMDI is to repair timelines from yesterday to prevent human civilization from descending into chaos and self-destruction tomorrow. 

The nickname of “Baja Clavius” refers to a lunar base beneath the crater Clavius where there are time machines made of a very odd blue glass.

Las Vegas artist and storyteller Madeira Desouza created characters and science fiction situations for stories told about that lunar base and the people who work there. Characters and tales appear in the 2020 novel Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside available elsewhere online as both a paperback book and an eBook. Additional characters and more stories appear in the 2021 sequel Baja Clavius: Dream Time for Moon Men also available elsewhere online.

Baja Clavius: Illustrated Tales explores all the characters and the storytelling from the novel and the sequel within a fresh, expanded approach. These individual volumes are intended especially for readers who prefer shorter books versus making a commitment to go through several hundred pages of a full-length novel. There also are two bonuses you get with these individual volumes—additional storytelling and digital illustrations—neither of which are included in the novel or the sequel.

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