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Custom Male Character Pinup Picture

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Custom Male Character Pinup Picture

Madeira Desouza
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Full frontal male nudity (explicit) is acceptable as are fantasy sexual behaviors when you order one of these custom male character pinup pictures.

Simple Steps:

— 1 —

You specify the face you want your custom male character to have (such as your own face) and send me a source photograph of him facing forward. Or you can choose any face from the online selection of Desouza male characters shown on any internet site.

 — 2 —

You tell me in your own words what you want to see in the finished picture: Describe the male character to me in text format (using text descriptions such as thin, heavy, muscular, tall, short, dark skin, light skin, long hair, short hair, dark eyes, fair colored eyes, and so on.) Be sure to tell me in your own words the story or situation or circumstances in which you want this male character to appear in the finished picture I will be creating for you.


— 3 —

After your custom picture is completed, I will send you a link where you can download your customized image which you keep on your device.

This custom creative service is a one-plus-one deal:

1 + 1 = You get a finished picture showing one customized male character with a customized face plus one other male who is not customized and does not have a customized face.

This product is not currently for sale.

Within three business days you will get a finished picture which is downloadable as both a pdf and an image file in the png file format.