Hercules 2022

Madeira Desouza
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This illustrated set highlights the mythical character of Hercules and some of those whom he vanquished. If we believe the legends, Hercules was extraordinarily strong compared to all other men. Legend has it that Hercules could pick up a man in front of him and then lift the man into the air. Then what did he do next?

Many sculptures, statues, and paintings have shown this unusual prowess. Artist Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas has provided an updated perspective on a classic painting from the 16th century. In the present day he can show in explicit detail what would never have been shown in art from five hundred years ago.

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Uncensored, explicit fun for adventurous adults only. Download this pdf for free along with unlimited access to all pdfs in this collection when you subscribe to the Desouza Vault Membership.

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