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Madeira Desouza
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Here is a very special deal for you: Get 3D human male characters in a group action pinup image produced to your specifications by Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza.

What you get is a downloadable pdf which shows one adult male character created in the digital realm (using apps.) He is shown in one image along with up to 4 (four) additional male characters in a setting or scene that glorifies or accentuates maleness or masculinity in action & adventure.

Details: You get one 3D adult male character's customized face created for you from a source photograph of your choice that you send to Madeira Desouza. That character will have a body whose custom specs are chosen by you. The finished image will be shown with no text added. That image will be provocative, alluring or enticing and can have props and costuming or no clothing at all if you prefer. There can be up to 4 (four) additional 3D adult male characters in the scene whose faces you choose from the extensive inventory of artist Madeira Desouza.

You will get a receipt for your payment to Madeira Desouza which contains follow-up instructions on how to send a source photo or image and also how to request particular faces from Madeira Desouza 3D male characters online. You will receive your group action pinup image delivered to you as a downloadable pdf. Please allow at least four business days for your image to be ready for you.

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Customized, personalized creative services work by Madeira Desouza of Las Vegas. You may use the downloadable pdf as you wish.
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