Black Men Combination Pack

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As heard on the taboo podcast from Las Vegas --

This combination pack includes 7 (seven) Madeira Desouza illusrated stories and picture sets as downloadable pdfs especially intended for your exploring the pleasures and uncensored excitement brought on by BLACK MEN in action images:

"Adventures with Men of Color" ($5) 79 pages
"Against His Will" ($2) 7 pages
"Black and White Side by Side" ($3) 11 pages
"Devil or Angel" ($3) 15 pages
"Rent Me for Your Fantasies Tonight" ($3) 20 pages
"Racial Supremacy" ($3) 20 pages
"Skulls and Balls" ($4) 16 pages

***Total = 168 pages with images

You would pay $23 if you purchased all 7 individual titles.

Combination Pack Discounted Price = $18.40

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Black Men Combination Pack

0 ratings